Bad Santa 2

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I was taking pictures of grafitti at Shoreditch and stumbled upon the Bad Santa Grotto outside Shoreditch Station. I was photographing it when one of the young ladies called me over from where i was in the middle of the road. The result is below. what a surprise and a bit of fun. The three young ladies were friendly and it was a pleasure to be in their company. Thank you ladies.


This is the picture I was given as a momento.


This was taken with my camera.


The young ladies playing their part admirably.



02102016 Gold Post Box Search

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I began my search for the Gold Post Boxes today.

As a recognition of the achievement of winning a Gold Medal in the 2012 Olympics, the Post Office painted more than one hundred post boxes gold. The post boxes are located near to the places where the athletes who one gold originated or lived.

I chose the two which are memorials to London and Stratford being hosts to the Olympics 2012, situated at Stratford and Westminster.

I can hear a murmuring across the world , saying, Why bother???? The fact is that I have photographed Post Boxes for many years now and feel that I could not omit the Gold Post Boxes from my collection, which has representatives of the many variatons that have been produced. And I prefer Post Boxes to chasing Pokemon!!!!



The Stratford Post Box


The Westminster Post Box


My apologies for the poor quality photograph. It will be replaced on my next visit to Westminster.

I look forward to an interesting adventure to try photograph as many as I can.


15092016 ArcelorMittal Orbit, Slide, QE Olympic Park, Stratford

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Today was the last day of my yearly ticket to the ArcelorMittal Orbit. I had not gone as many times as I had hoped, in order to get the value from my ticket, so I decided I would go today. The weather was sunny and warm, a good day for sightseeing, but not so for photography. When I last visited, not so long ago, the Slide was open but I did not try it out. Today I decided I would. The Slide boasts some impressive specifications, detailed below in a page from the information sheet.


A pretty strict safety code is expected on all who take the Slide. Safety clothing is supplied and nothing that could cause injury is allowed to be taken into the Slide. This is a prudent precaution, having been on the Slide, I know that it is necessary. It does not last long but it is an interesting and unique experience.

Following the Slide customers are allowed to return to the observation decks to see the views to the city and over the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and beyond. I have seen these views on a rainy day, a sunny day and today, a hot hazy day. The views are interesting on all these days, the changing conditions afford many and varied opportunities for singular photographic record of those conditions. Today was no exception.





I was disappointed that , in mind of the impressive specifications of the Slide, that no certificate was presented to those brave enough to experience it. Just being at the Date Line at Greenwich is awarded with a certificate, without actually doing anything. I think that the organisers had their hats on wrong to omit the need for a certificate. I had to be content with a picture of myself that is hardly adequate.


None the less the Slide was a great experience and it went by just too fast!!! the reason it is so fast can be seen on this information sheet photograph. Would I do it again??? Definitely!!



04092016 350yr Anniversary of Great Fire London 1666

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Well, I went to see the the Commemorative Burn for the Anniversary. Staged on the Thames in front of the O X O Building. At the beginning I was a but disappointed that there was no attempt to provide information for the many people waiting to see the spectacle. There was confusion as to when the actual event was going to start. The other thing I felt was overlooked was that the Sea Containers building had all its lights illuminated. This did detract considerably from the effect of the burn, half of which was in front of this building. None the less, I took acceptable pictures and video. I met some lovely people who helped to pass the time waiting. Thank you. Travel safe. Keep well.











Two videos:



Thats a sample.


03092016 350th Anniversary of Great Fire London

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Well, what a serendipitious day. I went to find the venue for tomorrow’s Great Fire Burn. I found Alley and Chris, well they found me first but I didn’t know it. We met again at the top of the Monument. We chatted about many things, not just the weather!!Tourist sights, fossils and serendipityology among the subjects, yes atop a rainy, wet Monument. It is refreshing to find people who are open to interaction and sharing ideas, with humour and interests outside themselves.

Oh!! The serendipitious part, I was passing by the Monument and took a couple of photos of the plaques. the young lady at the entrance asked if I was going up. I said I had not planned to, she asked if I would like to as it was a free event and a couple of places were open. I thanked her and went up, and met Alley and Chris at the top. They had seen me earlier and commented when they saw me looking at fossils. Good fortune on a rainy day.Alley’s laughter would make any day seem sunny, thank you.

Alley and Chris

I have added a couple of views from the top.I dont know what the white boat is but it looks impressive.



Also, some of the notorious fossils that are in the walkway at the top. Very difficult conditions for photography but I managed a few good ones.




Lastly, a couple of fossils I found before I arrived at the Monument.



Not a bad day out for me.


16062016 Alex

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My friend Alex. We met ? six years ago and only bump into each other at random times. It was another chance meeting today. It was good to see you and catch up.


09102015 Grafitti

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I have photographed grafitti for some time now. I find it to be a very worthwhile passtime. Grafitti is a very transient art form and very quickly the images are often removed or painted over and lost forever. For me they are too valuable to be forgotten. Rarely do I have the opportunity to see the artist and gain some insight into the motivation for these amazing expressions in graphic form. Recently, I was fortunate to meet two artists and promised to put their work here. Thank you for your enriching and amazing work.
I hope to see more for a long time to come.

Camden 25092015




Hackney 02102015 Attila

IMG_4350 scaled

IMG_4351 scaled

IMG_4358 scaled


15082015 by the canal

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Went for a short walk by the canal to take some pics. Serendipityology is everywhere. I met this group of special people who followed a random idea and found a world of fun and friendship. wish there were more like you. hope you do check my web page. its good to meet people like you.




24042015 Serendipityology!!!!!

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I met a friend after a few years, just by chance. Alex, it was good to see you after so long. It was such a random meeting and a pleasant surprise. I hope the next won’t be so long. Take care. Keep well.



My 60th and Other Stuff

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Well, I am about to try and rebuild my website. Unfortunately, the server hard drive failed, on 30th December 2013, and I did not know. My site was lost.
I have some bits of it saved so will try to get some of my previous site reloaded.

My 60th Birthday July 2013

My 60th Birthday was a surprise. Valerie booked us for a Body Flight. What an experience!!!Thanks Valerie.


Mum and me 1953

DSC_1575scaled2 2nd

Valerie and me kitted out for flight.


Valerie and me in flight.

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